Booze Bobbin'

October 29, 2015 @ 11:17:46 AM



REQUIRED ITEMS: applesbottle capsminiature alcohol bottlesbig bowl


Rating: 1 Out of Five

There is almost zero point to this game but it does not matter. Instead relax and have some booze-tastic Halloween fun!


  1. Create your favourite alcoholic punch  (or just be boring and use water)
    1. If your not sure how to make one check out our Halloween Punch drink
  2. Add punch to bowl
    1. Ensure the bowl is large enough to fit the punch, someones face, and the apples/ miniature booze bottles.
      1. You may need to head to the store and buy a worthy bowl

There are a few different versions


  1. Add a collection of miniature booze bottles to the punch bowl
  2. Take turns bobbing for the bottles
  1. Clean bottle caps
  2. On each apple write one number (either with permanent marker or carve it in)
    1. Ensure the number is small enough that it can be covered by a bottle cap
  3. Cover the numbers on each apple but pushing a bottle cap into the apple
  4. Add apples to the bowl
  5. Take turns bobbing for apples
  1. You can decide how to award drinks at the start of the game, either you can
    1. The player who successfully removes a apple/ bottle can give the drinks away or take them
      1. For the apples version, the player would take/give the number of drinks written in the apple
  2. If a player is not successful at retrieving an apple or bottle, they must take a drink
    1. You can make it so they must have a drink of the punch (kind of nasty but funny)
  1. No hands
    1. Add and remove rules to suit your needs. This game is mainly for giggle so if it is slow, too easy or want to make it more interesting; try the following rules
      1. Limit the amount of attempts a player can take (10?)
      2. Limit the amount of time a player can take (1 min)
      3. Can only have one eye open (eyes closed)