Bobbin' for Kings

October 29, 2015 @ 11:39:59 AM



REQUIRED ITEMS: applesbottle capsbig bowlpaper


Rating: 2 Out of Five

The point of this game is to become intoxicated- plain and simple!


  1. Clean apples and bottle caps
  2. Determine the values to be written on the apples 
    1. Suggestion is to keep it the same as the values on regular playing cards
      1. Examples: A = Ace , K = King , 10 = Ten etc.
        1. Using this method you will need to create 13 different rules
        2. However, you can make the values what ever you want which would allow you to create as many rules as you want. 
          1. Remember: For each rule you will need at least one apple. 
  3. After you have determined the values to be written on the apples, use a piece of paper and write down the rules for each of these values. 
    1. If you need help finding fun mini games to add check out our mini games, Sociables or California kings.
  4. Write down one value (not the rules) one each apple
    1. Ensure that you write clearly and small enough to covered by a bottle cap
  5. Cover all values on the apples by pushing a bottle cap into the apple
  6. Fill a bowl full of alcoholic punch or water
  7. Add apples to the bowl
Hint : This game follows a similar game style as California Kings and Sociables
  1. Each player will bob for an apple using only their mouths
  2. Once a player is able to grab an apple with their mouth, they will remove the bottle cap, read the value written on the apple, and perform the action indicated by the value.
  3. Once the action has been completed, the next player will go
  4. Continue until all the apples are gone