Horse race

May 26, 2014 @ 2:51:30 PM



REQUIRED ITEMS: playing cards


Simulate the rush of betting on horses at the track by introducing a fun fast drinking game.

  1. Begin by determining who the dealer (announcer) is. The dealer will remove all of the the Aces  from the deck. The dealer will lay the Aces in a row face up. 
  2. The dealer will then shuffle all the remaining cards in the deck. Once the cards are all shuffled the dealer will form a column of cards perpendicular to the row of Aces by placing five cards faced down. (note: you can increase or decrease the amount of cards placed face down to whatever you like). The column of face down cards will form the levels of the horse race. The first level is the bottom of the column  which is adjacent to the row of Aces and the last level (finish line) is the very top of the column.
  3. The dealer will then ask each player to place their bets. 
  4. The betting system works by betting drinks. To bet:
    1. You are betting on a particular suit to win
    2. multiple people can bet on the same suit
    3. tell everyone the number of drinks you are willing to bet (Note: it maybe a good idea to write everyones bets down). 
    4. To deter people from betting ridiculous amounts of drinks, each player must first drink the amount of drinks they are betting. (ex: if you bet four drinks you must take four drinks at the start).
  5. Once everyone has made their bets and taken their drinks the dealer will begin their announcing responsibilities. (introduction to the races and stating the famous phrases such as "On your mark, get set, go" ," and their off" etc. 
  6. The dealer will flip the top card of the remaining cards in the deck and place it face up on the playing surface. . The dealer will then advance the Ace that has the same suit as the flipped card up one level.
  7. The dealer will continue to flip cards and advance the corresponding Ace until one Ace has reached the final level. At which point the player or players who had bet on that suit would be able to give however many drinks they bet to any player.