October 25, 2016 @ 2:07:37 AM


CATEGORY: verbal

REQUIRED ITEMS: empty bottle


Rating: 2 Out of Five

All players should form a circle around an empty bottle. The bottle will be used to spin so it is advised not to use anything that can break easily. 


  1. Select someone to spin the bottle.

    1.    The player the bottle points most closely too will start the game

  2. The starting player will spin the bottle again

    1. The  spinning player will then secretly ask the player the bottle most closely points to a questions about someone else in the circle.

      1. Example : who has the coolest hair cut, etc

    2. The player must answer the question out load so everyone can hear

  3. If you want to know the question, take a drink

  4. Turn is over when no one wants to know the question.

  5. Pass the bottle to the next player (to the left) and repeat steps 2 -4


Up the Ante 

  1. The player spinning the bottle will award a point system for the questions being asked.

    1. The more serious and dirtier questions can be awarded a higher amount of drinks

      1. Example : "who is the first person you would sleep with in the group, " can be awarded more drinks than a simpler question


  2. Each time someone spins they must take a drink

  3. Each time someone guesses the correct question, everyone drinks but the guesser