Aug 28, 2015 15:10:07


Quickly use your deductive reasoning skills to determine who is the killer. If you take to long, you may fall victim to their evil deeds....
Fun Quick Game
Jan 13, 2015 13:12:00


Eliminate all of your opponents cups by throwing a ping pong ball diagonally across a table and bouncing it off of your team mates chest into a beer cup....
Team Funny Throwing Pong
Aug 08, 2014 16:26:03

Zoomie Zoomie

A causal game of tag where running is replaced with drinking and yelling...
Group Game Nothing Needed Loud Memory Game
May 21, 2014 17:01:47

Fire And Smoke

Combine five drinking games into five rounds of solid drinking....
Fun Heavy Drinking Group Game
May 14, 2014 12:57:16

Slap Cup

Sink your ping pong ball into your cup before the person to your right or risk taking it slapped away!...
Slapping Messy Fun Group Game
Mar 30, 2014 12:14:35

Pyramemory (Pyramid)

Take the card game of memory and cheat then fuse it with the drinking game of pyramid ....
Pyramid Memory Cheat
Mar 08, 2014 23:37:55


Sevens is an easy game to set up and start right away. It involves taking turns laying down a single card and assigning drinks based on the value, suit and placement of the card. It is a good game to...
Heavy Drinking Fun Starting The Night Off Easy To Set Up