Takes Me Out (ft. Sumix) [Eonity Exclusive]

May 7, 2019 @ 11:46:02
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Close your eyes and step into the world of Eonity. Enter a story brought to you by Eonity's own Baku, featuring the angelic and harmonious duo Sumix.

A story without her, without him, without them... the gut wrenching and soul shattering pain, of a love fallen apart. Falling out of love, falling in love, to only be let down. Pain accompanied with isolation and the longing wish to be free of the prison that is loneliness and loss.

Stuck, buried in emotions six feet under like a coffin clawing ravenously at its hinges, stuck in the box that is lost love. Desperately lashing to take hold of any little piece. To reconstruct it like a puzzle, too so wholesomely put it back together just the way it was at the start... The memories blinding our perceptions of what we lost. Acting as blindfolds to any possible future of happiness absent of that person. When green pastures are too far and unseen in the dark thickets and shroud of the past - a past polluted by the rainbows of color that stand for what once was.

Despite this longing to be free, despite the jump, the comfort rips at the back of your head as you leap to somewhere better, alone.

Listen to Ebisu's bitter sweet anthem and beautiful ode that is lovers past, and the growing process that is moving on. For its the memories that takes us out.
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