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YYC to NRT is a 13 plus hour flight. Flights are boring, uncomfortable and seemingly never ending. However, when you spend most of the night before the flight packing and making sure nothing is forgotten, you’re ready for a little break or at least most people would. Instead we put on our party hats and got an early celebration into the mix. Drink after drink we raged in the Calgary airport. Finally our flight started to board and we had to put on our sober faces to get onto the plane and take off. Our acting skills paid off and we successfully flown up to our cruising altitude. The drinks were starting to flow once again. Unfortunately, it took a quick spin for the worst when every single one of us passed out. A 13 hour flight was only inebriated moments for us.

Touching down onto the Main international airport in Japan, Narita was a shock. As May weather in Calgary was still fairly cool and dry; Japan was not. The weather lifted our spirits and we went off onto our adventure before our next flight. Exploring the airport was interesting as we immediately came across a convenience store that sold Japanese beers. Needless to say we started the engines right back up.

The engines had been fueled and our vision was nice and hazy however our stomachs needed some nourishment, so off to find a restaurant we went. This was not an easy endeavour as most of our English at this time was broken, poor and slurred. Communicating with the locals proved to be more difficult than originally thought. Thankfully, we did find a nice pub. The waitresses greeted us very warmly and were extremely pleasant people.

Finally, we had fueled our stomachs with the proper proportion of food and alcohol so we were off. The hours had dissipated away so quickly that it was time for us to start boarding. We headed to our next terminal to find our next plane and sure enough found the same convenience store. We had completely and unknowingly completed a giant circle. However, at the end of our little journey we met two other Canadian just starting theirs. We chatted with them and exchanged some stories. It turned out they were on our flight.

We boarded the plane in a similar fashion as the one we had taken before and before we had taken off we were sound asleep.