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SUGGESTED ITEMS: Two Quarters Two Cups Drinks


  1. Pick the direction of the flow and arrange yourselves into a circle preferably around a table
  2. Pick two people to start
    1. These people should be on opposite sides of the circle and not next to one another
    2. Give each of the two players a cup and a coin(quarter)
  3. One player the group will start the game by saying "ready set go"
  4. Each player with a cup will try and bounce their coin into the cup
  5. If the player bounces the coin into the cup:
    1. First time - the cup and coin can be passed to anyone on the table
    2. Any other time the cup will be passed in the direction mandated at the start of the game(counter -clockwise is preferred) 
  6. Eventually, there will be two players that are side by side that have both cups. If the player behind the front player(dictated by the direction setup at the start of the game) bounces the coin into the cup before the other player, the player will tap the other players cup with their cup.
  7. The player that their cup was tapped, will take the other cup and place it upside down and add their cup onto to make it harder for the player to bounce it in. If the player can bounce it in:
    1. First time - the player will pass their cup to the next player and continue bouncing into their cup (ie. the player will bounce twice in a row)
    2. Any time after first - the player will drink and pass the cup and continue trying to bounce it into their cup

-this step is called redemption


Optional rule

  1. Once the player has failed to “redeem” themselves they sit out for the remainder of the game. The game continues until you are left with one player.