Land Mines

PHOTOGRAPHER: Andrew Kuznetsov


SUGGESTED ITEMS: Coin Beer Bottles


The object of the game is to use the bottom of your beer bottle to capture a spinning coin. Once you have completed the task, guess whether its heads or tails. Guess correctly to pass your turn onto the next player


  1. Get a full drink that is not in a glass
  1. Determine who goes first
  2. Each player will :
    1. Spin the coin
    2. Try to catch it under their drink
      1. If the coin is clear caught under the bottom of the drink, the player will guess heads or tails
        1. If the player guesses correctly, their turn is over and they pass the coin to the next player.
        2. If they player guess incorrectly, they start their turn over by trying to catch the coin under their drink. The player will also take a drink
      2. If the coin is not clearly captured under the bottom of the drink, the player will take a drink and try again
    3. Each player will continue to spin and guess until they have done both correctly at which point their turn is over and it is the next players turn
    4. If you finish your drink while playing, place it anywhere on your playing surface and it become and obstacle to avoid(Landmine)
  1. You can decide to make things more interesting by adding land mines at the beginning of the game
    1. You can assign values / rules to these land mines to add mini game or more drinks