The purpose of this game is to make your opponent look like the b*tch they are (and get hammered in the process).

  1. Challenge a drinking buddy to boxing but forget the gloves instead leave it to the booze
  2. The two buds will enter into a head to head drinking match
  3. Pour a few quick shots for each player
    1. This game works best if you have a wing man (or "corner men") to keep pouring you shots as you drink them. They also will offer you words of encouragement and keep you in the game
    2. This game works best if the shots are not of hard alcohol. it is a fast game and its more fun if you can go fast. 
  4. Start the clock. Each round will last three minutes and then there is a 30 second break after each round.
  5. Each round consists of:
    1. The first player will roll the dice and the second player will try and beat it. The player with the lowest score drinks(metaphorically takes a punch)
    2. You can go as fast or slow as you want
  6. Keep going until three minutes is up or someone quits / pukes
    1. You can also set a particular amount of rounds and count how many drinks each player has had. The player with the lowest wins the boxing match
This is an intense drinking game so be sure you do not over do yourselves