F*Ck the dealer




The object of the game is to avoid being the dealer for as long as possible. If you happen to be the dealer, then try and pass it on to another player. 

  1. Pick a dealer
  2. Dealer will shuffle the cards and place them in a pile face down
    1. The play will then start from the player to the left of the dealer and continue clockwise
  3. The dealer will ask the first player to guess what the top cards value is, in the pile of cards
  4. The dealer will look at the card and tell the player if:
    1. They are right - dealer drinks
    2. If they are wrong, the dealer will tell the player if the card is higher or lower
      1. At this point, the player has only one more chance to guess the value.
        1. If they are right, the play will be passed onto the next person. The dealer drinks
        2. If they are wrong, the player drinks
    3. After the players guess, the dealer will show the card and can do a couple of things:
      1. the easier way -  place the card face up in the center of your playing area. Each card of the same value will be stacked up on itself and then be flipped over when there is no more card of that particular value. This way makes it a lot easier to track the remaining cards
      2. hard way - discard the card without any sort of tracking
    4. Once the player has either guessed correctly on their first or second attempt or failed to guess the card, that players turn is done. The dealer will then move onto the next player.
  5. The dealer will then ask the next player what the value of the top card is and repeat step 4. This continues until the players have three failed guesses in a row. Once this occurs the dealer is done with their duties and passes the pile of cards to the player on their left. 
  6. Game is over once there are no more cards. The final dealer drinks
VALUE OF CARDS (lowest to highest)
  • Ace -1
  • Numeric cards are their face value
  • Jack
  • Queen
  • King