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PHOTOGRAPHER: Geoffrey Fairchild




The object of this game is to determine the killer before they kill you!

  1. Using a standard deck of cards remove one card for each player. Ensure that all of the cards are the same color but one
  2. Place all of these cards face down and ask someone to give them a quick shuffle so no one knows which card is which
  3. Each player will select a card and show no one
    1. If you select a red card you are the killer. 
    2. If you select a black card you are a detective
  1. Once everyone knows their role, the game begins.
  2. Each player will look around at the other players and try and deduce who is the killer.
  3. The killer will try and "kill" off the other players
    1. The killer kills people by quickly and secretively winking at them.
    2. If you are winked at, you are out of the game. 
      1. The player that was just killed will:
        1. Take a drink 
        2. Discard their card - informs everyone that they are not just taking a casual drink but actually dead
    3. The killer will try and kill off everyone before they are discovered
      1. This will obviously not work until the end so the killer is always caught in the end - YAY justice!
  4. The detectives will try and determine who the killer is. However, detective only have the ability to guess once. 
    1. If they are right, the killer is caught and the killer drinks for however remaining players are left
    2. If they are wrong, they must drink and cannot guess any more
      1. You are still alive you just cant guess
  5. The game continues until the killer is caught

NOTE - just because you are the killer doesn't mean you cannot guess. It will throw people off your track. Just make sure you only do it one