Ski Shot



SUBTYPE: Whisky Vodka Gin Rum Tequila Beer Wine Liqueurs Creme_liqueurs Brandy Schnapps

SUGGESTED ITEMS: Ski Shot Glasses Favourite Shot



  1. If you want to do this at home you are going to need an old ski. Do not use one you are currently using
  2. Using a drill, drill in approximately four holes into the ski
    1. Each hole should be approximately 1.5 inches (about the same size of a shot glass to fit in and rest about half way up)
    2. Each hole should beat least 12 inches away from one another
  3. Prep work is done! now enjoy its usage!

  1. Prepare your favourite shots and make how every many people are willing to attempt the ski shot
  2. Place the ski onto a table and put the shot glass into the holes. 
  3. For each shot on the ski, one person has to drink. This is a team effort and you need a person for almost every hole.
  4. Carefully lift the ski and allow the shot glass to touch your mouths. Tip the ski a little further and allow the shot to pour into your mouths.
  5. Swallow and repeat!
- Be careful not to let the shot glass fall out of the ski. It can be messy
- Have people of relatively the same size doing the ski shot. If you cant arrange it from smallest to largest