There are a lot of variations of this drink
  1. In a bowl mix in some salt and some spices
    1. I like using a little bit of sea salt and paprika
    2. Pour out the mixture on a small plate or cocktail rimmer
  2. Using chilled pint glass, use a lime wedge to moisten the top 
  3. Once moistened rim the glass with your prepared rimmer
  4. Fill glass about 1/3 with ice
  5. Add a few dashes of
    1. fresh lime juice
    2. Worcestershire sauce
    3. hot sauce (Tabasco or anything else)
  6. Almost completely fill the pint class with beer but leave some room for the clamato juice
  7. Fill the remaining room of the glass with clamato juice
  8. mix and serve
  9. This can also be done in a cocktail shaker just watch out for the carbonation.