hi !!! 🌹 this is a project i made called stress relief. a lot of these songs kinda got lost for awhile when i was talking to record labels and holding back a lot of stuff in case we wanted to release there instead of independent. after i signed i still liked a lot of these but my direction was kinda going a different way with the whole ‘project’ and such. i asked my label if it was cool if we could just say fuck it and put them out for free bc i kept getting worried abt having like a 2 year gap of not releasing any music. anyways here is that. kinda a sigh of relief. thank u to everybody who has been here since the beginning (vibe etc. hahaha) and i’ve been making music this entire time so i’m looking forward to u hearing everything new !! 💌 ps.. i am doing my first headline tour in may. tix r @ http://itsmelvv.com may 3 - minneapolis may 4 - chicago may 5 - milwaukee may 10 - san francisco may 11 - los angeles may 12 - vancouver may 18 - brooklyn may 19 - dc instagram.com/itsmelvv/ twitter.com/itsmelvv