A perfect song to start the summer with! 🌞🔥 Free Download - http://thehusk.ca/gate.asp?t=450228333 Trap Network is welcoming back Coopex to the scene with an incredible remix of NF\'s hit single \"Let You Down\". Let us know what you think of it below ! 👇 👇 This talented artist already released one through us but this one may even top it! We\'ve been addicted to this single for a minute now and being the lucky network that we are, Coopex gracefully provided us with exactly what we were looking for! A musical composition that would fit the verse but wont ruin the lyrics or their meaning and a beautiful melodic lead that was sampled from the chorus of the track and changed into an addictive melody that we can\'t stop hitting repeat to. Enjoy \'Let You Down\' by NF/Coopex. ▶ Follow Coopex: - @coopexofficial - twitter.com/teddwyx - instagram.com/teddwyx - facebook.com/coopexoff