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Phoenix USA


Living in Canada has its perks however it also has some draw back. One large drawback is that winter can be long, cold and dark. Luckily, our annual snow bunny’s trip is just around the corner.

Every year for Christmas members of the bush brigade family take a trip down south to Phoenix.  The trip helps speed along the winter up in Canada and makes for a nice easy holiday. Christmas is not the same in the south as it is in the north (no snow being a huge difference). However, no matter where you are the people around you seem to always make a trip.

Last year we took a detour to Seattle before we flew down. In Seattle we caught a Seahawks game and partied at some of the best local venues. It was a couple days of early mornings and late nights culminating on a flight down to Phoenix where we got cut off from sampling some of the finest in flight beverages. The night did not stop there as Christmas Eve parties were situated on a couple blocks where we stayed. The night quickly disappeared with sugar plum fairies dancing in our heads.

This year I hope to see all of our friends down there and hopefully see them prospering! I would like to say I have plans for the trip but some trips are best not planned.

If you are around for the season let us know by using out contact us page!