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After our short stay in Narita we hopped onto another plane and flew into Bangkok. It was late in the night the humidity and temperate was substantially higher than Japan. Our spirits were high and smiles were worn across our faces with pride. 

Upon getting off the plane we found our bags. Unfortunately, we had another flight down to Koh Samui within hours. Our original plan was to wait but with such high spirits we decided to park our bags and go on an adventure. We quickly exchanged some money and parked our bags at the airport. 

We stepped out into the spring and found it was even warmer outside (It was our first realization how important air conditioning was going to be). we bargained with some of the local taxis and then took a drive down to Khao San Road

Upon arriving at the famed street we realized how busy it was even in the late hours of night. The street seemed to be filled with tourist from all across the world as well as locals. Street markets, drinking established, and mom - pop food kiosks littered the road. Being an adventurous bunch we headed to our first destination; Burger King. 

After enjoying a quick burger and watching a Thai prostitute try and take a tourist back to his hotel and rob him, we began our walk down the short road. Surprisingly we found our Canadians friends we meet in Japan walking in the opposite direction as us. We called them over and we all headed over to one of the bars.

The bar sold all types of hard alcohol but only local beers which was perfect for us. Additionally, the bar sold sesha so we indulged in a quick smoke. The time seemed to be flying by and the bar had to stop selling alcohol as the cops would shut them down. Seemingly the bar would ask us to leave however you saw a local walk up to the cop and hand him a manila envelope containing??? Who knows? While all of this was occurring one of the waitresses walked around and handed us all paper coffee cups. She instructed us to stop using the bottles and pour everything into the cups. We looked around puzzled yet happy as our night continued.

Eventually, it was time for our next flight. We found a cab back to the airport with a haze in our eyes and smiles on our faces (Hands down one of funniest lay overs every). Upon arriving at the airport we grabbed our bags and headed to check-in. Luck was on our side as we managed to get an earlier and shorter flight to Samui.

We walked into the proper terminal and down to our gate to find yet another group of Canadian travelling down to Samui. These boys were rowdy and just gearing to get things done while visiting the island. It was hard to keep up to them as we had been on and off planes for hours. However, we boarded the plane and the guys were buying cocktails yet again. The quick flight consisted of booze and snoring.