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koh samui thailand


Touching down on the island of Koh Samui was full of excitement. Our short adventure in Bangkok really laid down a welcome mat of high expectations.  The airport was small, outdoor and consisted of a tiny shack that had the airport staff inside. There was no airport security and getting our bags was a breeze. 

We stopped for a couple photos and off to find a cab. Unfortunately, the cabs at the airport were terribly expensive. Instead we decided to walk to the main street and find someone else. We happened to come across two local boys at a convenience store.  They were driving an older black truck and we offered to pay them to drive us to our hotel. We hopped into the back and took our first drive on the new island.

The island was covered was not as remote as we taught and it was more like a city. People on scooters, families on scooters and many other types of motorists flocked the streets in a loud dizzy haze. To our surprise a lot of the buildings had English on them. The island was almost as current as Bangkok.

After a couple U-turns the boys found our hotel; the famed Ark Bar. It was tucked in between an alley with only a blue and orange sign informing tenants of its location. We checked in and headed to the pool. On our way to the pool we explored our new home.  -We discovered something very quickly about our new spot.  Ark Bar is a neat spot to head for some afternoon beverages or to enjoy the late night party on the beach but the rooms are iffy.  You needed a key card to open your room and turn on the A/C (I found out later that this very common). However, when you entered your room at first it always smelled like a toilet. Additionally, they were undergoing construction immediately across the pathway from our room -.  The pool area of Ark Bar is setup for drinking, lounging and dancing. Above the swim up pool is a DJ booth that features a live DJ later on in the day however music is blaring at the two adjacent bars surrounding the pool area pretty well 24 hours. The beach was exceptionally nice with a view of clear turquoise waters and a humid light blue sky.  Our jetlag was complemented with sun, fruity cocktails, and water.

 The day quickly melted away into the evening where we all dawned some new outfits and head to wander about the streets. We headed toward the super popular bar street and walked into the Green Mango. The Green Mango is one of the most popular, if not the most popular club on the island and there is a reason for it. The club is massive featuring two conjoining rooms featuring two different types of music. However, you cannot hear the other area while being in the other one albeit the conjoining area is wide open. Needless to say, this place is fun as hell and a highlight of the trip.

The night ended with the waking of the next day, blood shot eyes, and plenty of yawns. Our first days in Thailand proved to be everything we expected and more.