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koh samui thailand

PHOTOGRAPHER: Travelourplanet.com

RATING: 5.00

The hazes of last nights’ regrets were worn with pride as we wandered around the slums of Koh Samui. Our mission was to find a local scooter shop that rented cheap scooters without asking very many questions. Only one of us had ever ridden a scooter while another had rode dirt bikes. It was not Gorilla or Samscratch we worried about but everyone else.

As we progressed down the streets we came across an outdoor market with a bunch of different types of food. A lot of food either looked amazing or too scary to attempt to try. Each of us grabbed something different and shared amongst ourselves. 

With full bellies, we continued on our mission. Eventually, we came across a mom-pop scooter shop with a fat lady and he skinny sons running it. We haggled with them and agreed on a price and put Gorilla’s passport down and collateral. We drove off with most of us learning as went drove fast and faster.

The roads in Koh Samui are small, narrow, windy and uneven. Most of them are compacted dirt. However, the biggest difference between driving in Canada and Koh Samui is two parted. One, in Thailand they drive on the right side of the road where we drive on the left. Secondly, where we have family cars they have family scooters. These scooters were no bigger than the ones we drove however they had three or more people riding on it. Every spot that could carry a person had one there. It was a crazy feat of balancing and fearlessness.

We eventually pulled over and double checked that everyone was ok and getting more comfortable on the newly acquired scooters. We all agreed and drove off. ---BANG! --- Someone has engaged the gas, of their scooter, while still standing forcing the scooter to sky rocket into the air and land with a loud smack onto the ground. We had had the scooters for only minutes and we had managed to crash one. I immediately began to think this was fate telling me exactly what was bound to happen (Me ending in the hospital of scooter wounds.)

Disheartened and worried we headed back to the hotel to further inspect the scooter and determine what to do with it. Upon realizing that the only way to get our passport back was to find a mechanic and fix the scooter we decided to deal with it at a later date.  We headed back to the pool and began to indulge in the finest spirits that Ark Bar had to offer. Our solution to the incident was to drink until it was forgotten.

At the pool we meet some guys from the UK who came down to Thailand and really party. Their mission was to party and sleep with as many girls as possible. Needless to say, they had little morals but were as funny as hell. However, their trip was abruptly halted when they got into a confrontation with some of the guys we had met on the plane from Bangkok to Koh Samui. A Thai gangster acted as  mediator and pulled out a gun, threatened their lives, and the next day the boys were gone.

The next day we looked around for them but it was quite clear that the incident had spooked them. We moved on however one of us was not feeling so good. As one would expect one of us had fell ill.