Space diving



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In 2010, Red Bull announced an attempt to brake a 65 year old record for the highest jump in the world. The record was set by US Air Force Colonel Joe Kittinger. Joe jumped from an astonishing 31 km up in 1960. The jump instantly became the longest skydive ever! Over the next two years, Red Bull prepared, Felix Baumgartner a world renown sky diver and base jumper (Kittinger ever helped out) . In 2012, Red Bull finally made their mark. Baumgartner  jumped from 128,000 feet and reached speeds of 1357 km/h. On Baumgartner's attempt he broke several records but the coolest being the only person to break the sound barrier without the aid of engine power. In 2014, Baumgartner's record for highest jump was bested by a senior VP of Google, Alan Eustace. Alan jumped from about 135,900 feet. The jump lasted 15 minutes and reached speeds of 1322 km/h

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