Wrangel Island



RATING: 5.00

Wrangel Island is truly one in a million spot as there are so many cool things about it.

Here are just a few things

  1. Lies well above the Arctic circle
  2. The area of the island is very small only about 7600 square kilometres
    1. Within this area it has over one thousand of river and lakes
  3. World largest population of pacific Walrus
  4. Highest density of polar bear dens
  5. Major feeding ground for the grey whale
  6. Feeding / migratory grounds for hundreds of birds
  7. 417 species of plants have been found which is more than any other Arctic tundra. Of these 417, 23 are endemic
  8. Remains of Eskimo cultures date back 3400 years go
  9. Oh! it is postulated that it is the last place on earth that mammoths could have survived.
The area is protect under strict rules and usually only available to scientists. As you can see its a pretty cool spot!